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The Transformer For The High-Power Multi-Voltage Testing Platform Of Energy Storage Systems

The transformer for the high-power multi-voltage testing platform of energy storage systems developed by CEEG has successfully passed the rigorous testing of third-party inspection agencies and has been launched. This product meets the differentiated voltage requirements of different energy storage systems, thereby improving the shortcomings of traditional testing power supply solutions in terms of investment costs, space occupancy, and usability to some extent, thus breaking through the bottleneck of the development of the energy storage industry.

1. With high power, multiple secondary voltage combinations, and high voltage accuracy, it can accurately match the voltage requirements of different energy storage systems.

2. Key performance indicators are superior to the requirements of relevant standards.

3. Low loss and significant energy-saving effects, providing users with efficient and reliable testing power supply solutions.

4 It possesses outstanding performance in anti-harmonics, high overload, and high overvoltage, ensuring the stability and reliability of the power supply and providing strong support for the safe and efficient operation of the testing platform.


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