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The Role of Transformer Oil in Transformers

Transformer oil, also known as insulating oil or transformer insulating oil, plays a crucial role in oil-immersed transformers. Its main functions are as follows:

1. Insulation

Transformer oil has high dielectric strength and provides an insulating medium between the transformer windings and other live parts, preventing electric shock and short circuits.

2. Cooling

Transformers generate a significant amount of heat during operation. Transformer oil has good thermal conductivity, which allows it to transfer heat from the transformer windings and core to the exterior of the transformer. This heat is dissipated through radiators or other cooling devices, keeping the transformer within a safe operating temperature range.

3. Arc Quenching

During switching operations or faults, electric arcs may occur. Transformer oil has arc quenching properties, allowing it to quickly cool and extinguish the arcs, protecting internal transformer components from damage.

4. Oxidation and Corrosion Prevention

Transformer oil can isolate the windings and core from oxygen and moisture in the air, preventing oxidation and corrosion of metallic components and thereby extending the transformer's lifespan.

5. Absorption of Impurities

Transformer oil can also absorb impurities and particles generated during operation, maintaining the cleanliness of the transformer interior and ensuring stable insulation and cooling performance.

Maintenance and Management

1. Regular Testing: Regularly test the oil's insulating properties, moisture content, acid value, and impurity levels to ensure compliance with standards.

2. Oil Purification: Use oil filters or other purification equipment to remove moisture, impurities, and oxidation products from the oil.

3. Oil Replacement: Replace the oil promptly when its performance degrades to a level that can no longer meet the operational requirements of the transformer.

Transformer oil plays a critical role in transformers' safe and reliable operation. Ensuring its quality and maintenance is key to guaranteeing the normal operation of transformers.


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